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Our GPS smart collar keeps track of your best friend’s activity, location on your smart phone.

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The News is raving about the GPS collar!

Home, away, park, or vacay.

Life is better knowing.

"It's given that your pet has a chip designed to reunite with your furry friend in case he or she goes missing. But sometimes that isn't enough. That's where new pet technology comes in".

"Any pet owner will agree that pets are more than just companions, they are members of the family. Pets can get lost or run away from home, so it's a good idea to get some kind of pet tracker."

"This type of technology has become more popular over the past few years"

"The fear that their pet will go missing haunts every owner if you want to be able to pinpoint exactly where your cat or dog is, and avoid a frantic search of local streets, then you might want to get yourself a pet tracker"


Pet Owners Rave About PawSafeGPS!

Our Boston Terrier loves to chase squirrels around the block so when I saw this collar come on the market I was instantly sold! It ticked every box for what I was looking for in a tracker. It’s lightweight, water resistant and super simple to use. Plus the LED light is an added bonus that lets me keep tabs on my wandering guy even after dark.


I don’t normally write reviews - good or bad - but I couldn’t NOT write a glowing one for this tracker! My Pug visits his BDB (Best Dog Buddy) next door and when I kept calling and he didn’t come home, I started to freak out. I grabbed my phone to check where he was and turns out someone had him in the back of their truck! Got my little Billy Bob back home safe and sound thanks to this awesome GPS collar!


Last night my Retriever strayed farther than she ever has before and wound up by the river getting stuck in some really deep mud! Thank goodness for the GPS on her tracker! It took me right to Tux! Without LINK AKC there’s no way I could’ve located her so fast!


Battery life of up to

3 days with normal use

Water resistant

up to 3ft

Impact resistant


Paw Smart GPS monitors your dog’s location and can notify you if they leave the safe zones you designate.

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Have more fun with your dog! Record, remember and share special walks, hikes, and other adventures.

In the box

Why is there a service plan?

The service plan enables data to be transmitted to a cellular network and allows YOU to know your dog's location, activity, and more.

Service plan benefits include*:


Replacement if defective under normal use